Sport life in Ukraine

кличкоIf you want to be healthy and feel yourself fit as a fiddle – you should go in for sport. People in Ukraine believe in it. And there is a reason for it. A lot of Ukrainian sportsmen inspire people by their strengths, health, success and well-being.

Brothers Klichko and their achievement

If you say “Ukraine” somewhere abroad, you will get an answer “Klichko”. They are brothers, who are known all over the world and who our country is associated with. And their fame is really deserved. Almost everybody knows who Klichko are and what their achievements are.

The elder brother Vitaliy is a professional boxer in heavy weight, world champion. Moreover, he is also a member of Ukrainian political party. Volodymyr is younger brother, but still a very successful boxer. Their debut fight was in 1996 in Germany, in which both of brothers knockouted the competitors. Mutual activity of brothers besides sports trainings also includes social projects such as “Klichko Brothers Fund”, appear in public and television, advertising videos, joint website.

Moreover, both of them speak Ukrainian, Russian, English and German. Most of their time brothers live in Germany, where they are also very popular.

Not only Ukrainian boxers are famous all over Ukraine. You might have heard of Andriy Shevchenko – well-known Ukrainian football player. He is an owner of “gold ball” of 2004, three times become the best goal scorer of champion league, six times was considered to be the best Ukrainian footballer.

Andriy’s parents were against his hobby. They want him to be a soldier. But his coach persuaded them, that Andriy had good perspectives in football. Playing in his first team he began as a halfback and won international awards and the champion’s title.

Shevchenko debuted in the first team of “Dynamo” when he was 18.During his career he played for “Milan”, “Chelsea” but finally came back to “Dynamo”. Now Andriy is a captain of Ukraine team. Shevchenko took an active part in the national team performance on the World Championship in 2006.

What is a secret of such a success? The answer is simple – a wish to play football and feel the interest, excite, struggle and chance to win in every match. And a wish to receive the best results, of course.

Besides football, Andriy dedicates some time to charity. “Andriy Shevchenko Charity Fund” had organized several matches with world celebrities participating in it.